EngI heard a story recently:“After we had grown up, we were busy. Work load, family responsibilities, social life.... We had hectic schedule so that we hardly had time to spend with Pa and Ma. We rarely think of cherishing the time with them and we needed to seize this opportunity while we could. When our parents cared about us, we felt that they were long-winded.When we talked with them, sometimes we got impatient and were disrespectful towards them. However, they always looked nonchalant and forgave us for our bad manners.My father had been working in a Cantonese restaurant before retirement.  As he needed to start working from dawn till night, he used to live in the dormitory of the restaurant and seldom stayed at home.  I get four siblings. Our age differences are small. Ma was the only one who took care of us and did the chores. Pa and Ma toiled long and hard for us. However, my mother was optimistic and cheerful. She often smiled and seldom complained.We had been living in a r…

TV series

EngHong Kong people led a relatively simple life back in the 1970s.Television is part and parcel of many households.Watching TV series was many people’s favorite pastime. They portray inspiring stories of the lively human encounters and and interpersonal interactions in Hong Kong. Many theme songs from the TV series also captivated many people’s hearts. One of the inspirational dramas ‘Bright Future’ was about a story of three fledgling young men. They experienced various life setbacks and difficulties after entering workforce. Supporting each other, these young men manifested sincere friendship and enormous courage in grave difficulties.I was a student when I first listened to the theme song of ‘Bright Future’. It was a nice song to me at the time but I could not fully relate to its meaning. After I stepped into the workforce, I experienced a series of setbacks. I was inspired whenever I listened to this song. I am now very far from my youth now, but I continue to be inspired by th…


Eng / I like listening to classic oldies on the radio.  I am touched by the beautiful melodies and moving lyrics.One time a teenager called the radio DJ.  He wanted the DJ to play the song “Yesterday Once More” from Carpenters. The teenager had osteocarcinoma and was recovering. Having to face drastic changes in life in a short time, and the way forward was still uncertain at the time, the teenager seemed to hold the desire to get back to his ‘yesterday’:“No illness, I could attend classes and participate in various activities with classmates… Yesterday Once More, it’s good to live as before!’The story of the teenager and the song impressed me a lot.  I do not resonate with all parts of the song lyrics. However, only a part of the melody in the song, or a line of the lyrics can bring back my memories and emotions deep in my heart.“When I was young
I’d listen to the radio
Waiting for my favorite songs
Those were such happy times快樂的時刻
And not so long ago